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khr 33 fight-o! :D


It has been forever since my last post. o__o I took a part time job this semester on top of my full time job and graduate school courses, and while I'm making it work for now I also feel insane and tired most of the time and I'm considering loads of other options for when the semester's over.

My writing website is back up! I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with uploading content to my new host. :) A few things still need to be adjusted, but for the most part it's up and running and everything looks okay.

My kittens are doing great! They are the happiest part of my life right now. ♥ Shinobu, my girly, watches my every move and gets jealous whenever I'm at the computer, lol. Raizou loves to be carried everywhere, and is so calm in my arms or perched on my shoulders. Mittsu is my lap kitten who cuddles every chance he gets, and sleeps every night between my feet.
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Graduate school is still going well, despite my crazy schedule. I'm attending a state conference in a few weeks and a national conference in June. The student registration fees are super cheap, so I'm trying to get as many conferences in while I can. I did not get the internship I applied for, sadly, but I'm hopeful about the scholarships I've applied for and I think I'll find out next week whether I was chosen or not.

I miss my awesome LJ friends! I'm a few weeks behind on manga chapters but I'm trying my best to keep as current as possible. :) What are you all reading/watching right now that has really got you fired up?

Have a great day!