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And all was well down at the farm.

Thanks so much to everyone for their comments and support while my family/home was in chaos!  ^____^

Dad is home and recovering well!  He seems to be about back to where he was after his first Stroke, which means he's walking, talking, cooking, reading, sleeping--only this time he's not driving.  But we can live with that, b/c he's alive

I'm able to write again (these hospital surprises naturally disrupt the muses) and it feels really good.  When I wasn't writing, I was reading--so here are two book reccommendations, coming from a bookstore manager (for what that's even worth, lol). ^_~

 Lisey's Story, by Stephen King.
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I'm in the middle of The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. 
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And now I'm going to get some more coffee.  ^____^


Look!  Look everyone!  Look at the fun and wonderful icon dark1977 made for me!  Yeeeeeeeee!

Also, I figured out what was blocking my writing--Sasuke's fighting the wrong opponent!  Of course!  *bonks self*  So I'm going to change that scene right away, it's all falling into place now and I can see a shit-ton of words happing tonight.  It kills me a little to have to delete a whole scene and redo it, but anything to get over the mental hurdle--you really can't force the story, and I finally realized that's what I was trying to do.  I loved the idea of that match for a serious fight, but Stephen King does say to "kill your darlings." 

Anyways, if you're patient with me, I promise I'll get to my email......  but I must obey the artistic seizure! *grins* 

To Secrets, ahoy!!!

And I'm soooooooooooo writing Kakashi/Yamato.  Yesh.

Writing progress!

First of all, the flea issue has been dealt with.  It's an amusing story, but I'll leave it for people like Stephen King who are gifted in writing horror.

In other news, more than 3000 words of Secrets happened today!  YAY!  The trouble is, there are hardly any sentences worth snot that don't have major spoilers.  *shrugs*  So I think my little sentence game is on hold, until there's something I can share that makes my spine tingle. But!  Rest assured that progress is being made every day, and the update date is ever closing in.  Heeeee!

Also, anyone who liked "The Best Man" will be pleased to know it's become a three-part Arc.  ^___^  Part two is halfway complete, and Part three is roughed out in my head.  So there's that to look forward to as well as Secrets.

Is anyone tired of hearing about how Steve King is a genius?  Because I'm not nearly ready to be tired of declaring it.