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writer's meme!

So she probably thought I forgot, but I was tagged by ronsard and so here be the meme! XDDDDD

I'm summarizing, but here are Mai's instructions: "Let's go back 365 days, and chronicle the last year's journey in 5 stories."

Everyone's Got Secrets (NaruSasu, IruKaka) It all began here. This is my first fanfic ever, and it's taught me more about writing than anything else. Sure, the dialogue in the early chapters makes me shudder today, but I'm going to leave it on the site intact as a reminder that I've made progress through all this obsessive Naruto research and hours typing at my computer. (One more detour and then I'll be finishing this baby up!)

Lie With Me (SasuSaku, ItaSaku) This is where I flexed some different muscles, delving into a significantly darker area to test myself. This is not a pretty piece, and yet I think there's hope at the end. I like Sakura. I think she's stronger than she gets credit for. Writing this wasn't... natural. But I feel stronger after writing this.

Sleepless (NaruGaa) I love this piece. I love the simplicity of the idea, and how it speaks volumes about the dynamic between these two characters. It's one of my shortest, and I think one of my best. I need to write more of this pairing.

Reconstruction (SasuNaruSai triangle) This was a real challenge, since I had some constraints set on the concept at the beginning that negated my original idea. But! I think in spite of that, this is one of my strongest pieces in terms of organization, plot, and storytelling. It's the first time I've written Sai before, and I think he's great in this. I also wrote this piece in about 15 days, which is crazy if you consider that it's ~25,000 words.

Tricks of the Trade (slight KabuSasu) .........I have a confession. Kabuto has always been my favorite character. SHOKKU! This is the first piece I've written, however, because even though I've had bunnies dating back pre-Secrets, I was much too afraid of butchering him to make a single attempt. So I feel that the existance of this first fic starring Kabuto represents a certain mark in my confidence and abilities as a writer, and of this I can be proud. ♥

Other stories that might have made the 5 fic cut are Genesis (Hokage's 1 & 2) which is my first Gen fic, and The Best Man (NaruSasu) my first AU setting, both of which have taught me many valuable lessons as I explore this wacky way of life.

And now I tag: phoenixdown7 thatreevesgirl crazy_toffee lellian nezumiko paperninja Because some of you I know very well, and some of you I'm still getting to know. But it's always fascinating to hear what other writers have learned in the last year and I want more good stuff to read! Tell me your stories!!! XD

The new year begins! :D

Yes, yes, I know it's already halfway through January, but this is the first moment I've had to think about 2006 and what I want to continue in 2007. A year ago today(ish) I posted the first chapter to my very first fanfiction, Secrets, and I have to say what started out as a fun hobby/project has turned into something dramatically different for me--a life pursuit to become an amazing author. *tingles*

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So, my friends, I hope everything you put your hands to this next year brings you wealth, joy and prosperity! I consider myself more than blessed to have such awesome friends.


Fic Update: Everyone's Got Secrets

*laughing*  Hahaha, so I guess ff.net is on the fritz again--this chapter is definitely up, but I haven't gotten the email confirmation yet. Heh.  So I guess people on alert will get their emails three days from now like last week's alerts. ^__^  *shrugs*  No big deal, just funny.  Anyways, enjoy you guys!
(And sorry for clogging up your flists!!!)

Title:  "Everyone's Got Secrets"
Author:  Erisabesu
Pairings:  Kaka/Iru/Kaka, Sasu/Naru/Sasu
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "It has been nearly 6 years since Naruto and Sasuke became teammates, and formed a bond of rivalry that had always held something more--though they’d never quite acknowledged it for what it was. Now, with Konoha preparing for a major festival, the two have an encounter that forces them to consider what they really want. Kakashi and Iruka inevitably become entwined in the issue, and their own relationship is put to the test as they try to mentor their two students in a situation whose outcome no one can predict."

From the beginning: 
Everyone’s Got Secrets: Chapter 1

New Chapter:
Everyone’s Got Secrets: Chapter 15


So much writing today/tonight!  *is exhausted*  I'M SO HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CHAPTER IS TURNING OUT!

*flails*  Now that it's nearing completion, the pieces are fitting together quite nicely, and I have two big fights, two minor fights, and two closing scenes to write.  And that's IT!  I'm so close, and it feels gooooooood.  This has been the hardest chapter EVER, and I can't wait to get it overwith, so I can write the fun-ness coming up!  Heeeeeeeeee!

So here's the (first draft! draft!!!) snippet of the day!  ^_~
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Happy Birthday Naruto!

So how's this for a first attempt at making an official "Secrets" icon?  I'm going to make a Kaka/Iru one as well, and maybe others.  Not sure.  *scratches head*


I was really trying to have my chapter ready to post tonight, but it's just not ready.  However, here's a (first draft!) snippet that doesn't give away too many spoilers, just so that Naruto knows I really love him.  *tackles the Naruto*



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OMG sentence!

This just happened!

Naruto let out a full-body sigh.  Sometimes, when you’ve been all wound up during a mission—or in this case, village-wide competition—the best feeling in the whole world was having a moment to take a piss.

Heeeeee!  I love letting the characters tell me the story! ^____________^

Snuggly with the Hermit!

So it's cold and rainy here, and I'm all curled up with my laptop making wonderful progress!  Found this fun quiz, and I'm celebrating with dawn11  for no real reason, but there might be a fun drabble sometime soon. Hee hee.... *gigglefit*

Secrets is on its way--I'm right on schedule!  ^___^  Though I'm behind on emails as usual, sooo sorry guys!  >.<

The Potion Maker
Erisabesubium is a cloudy, porous orange solid obtained from the blood of a tortoise.
dawn11ium is an opaque, viscous fuchsia liquid created from the pollen of a stunted oak.
Mixing Erisabesubium with dawn11ium causes a violent chemical reaction, producing a cloudy olive potion which gives the user the power of flight.
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern



I did it!  It scared me, having to delete something after working so hard, but I grabbed that scene by the tail and had my way with it!  Heeee.  So I claim it a victory, and my wordcount is back to where it was, with a HUGELY IMPROVED part of the chapter to show for it.  Mwahahaha.  No stopping me now, baby. ^_~

Also.... I've just discovered icons!!!  Good lord, there are some amazingly talented people out there making Naruto and Bleach icons, I am agog..........    and a funny result of the icon hunting is that I learned some HTML for crediting purposes! Hooray!  And I totally <3 Anko!  Heeee!  *flushes*

Er, delmasca, what do you mean by pimp? *laughing*  It's fine, I'm just curious!


Look!  Look everyone!  Look at the fun and wonderful icon dark1977 made for me!  Yeeeeeeeee!

Also, I figured out what was blocking my writing--Sasuke's fighting the wrong opponent!  Of course!  *bonks self*  So I'm going to change that scene right away, it's all falling into place now and I can see a shit-ton of words happing tonight.  It kills me a little to have to delete a whole scene and redo it, but anything to get over the mental hurdle--you really can't force the story, and I finally realized that's what I was trying to do.  I loved the idea of that match for a serious fight, but Stephen King does say to "kill your darlings." 

Anyways, if you're patient with me, I promise I'll get to my email......  but I must obey the artistic seizure! *grins* 

To Secrets, ahoy!!!

And I'm soooooooooooo writing Kakashi/Yamato.  Yesh.

Writing progress!

First of all, the flea issue has been dealt with.  It's an amusing story, but I'll leave it for people like Stephen King who are gifted in writing horror.

In other news, more than 3000 words of Secrets happened today!  YAY!  The trouble is, there are hardly any sentences worth snot that don't have major spoilers.  *shrugs*  So I think my little sentence game is on hold, until there's something I can share that makes my spine tingle. But!  Rest assured that progress is being made every day, and the update date is ever closing in.  Heeeee!

Also, anyone who liked "The Best Man" will be pleased to know it's become a three-part Arc.  ^___^  Part two is halfway complete, and Part three is roughed out in my head.  So there's that to look forward to as well as Secrets.

Is anyone tired of hearing about how Steve King is a genius?  Because I'm not nearly ready to be tired of declaring it.