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khr Dino *nosebleeed*

Fic Post: "This Won't Hurt A Bit"

So I pretty much missed the oh_shit_santa sleepover drabble-fest, but I did whip this up last week for one of the prompts there and finally had the chance to post it properly here. :D This is a short piece that really came out of nowhere and surprised me, lol.

Title: "This Won't Hurt A Bit"
Characters/Pairings: KHR - Kusakabe, Dino
Rating: G
Genre: Angst/Gen

"Kusakabe Tetsuya is mistrustful of all beautiful things..."

Please enjoy!

khr s80 <3

Fic Post: "It's Genetic" [S80]

My OSS submission for Questy! What a challenge to write for such an amazing writer; I started two other pieces before this one came together, and where on earth did the comedy in this come from? o__o; Idek. But that just means I will have to write more for this pairing, which is awesome. \o/

Dearest Questy, even though this was probably not what you were expecting, I hope you had a good time reading. <33333

Title: "It's Genetic"
Characters/Pairings: Squalo/Yamamoto (S80)
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG

Summary: "It takes nine long years of blood and sweat to bring the two of them here to this point..."

Please enjoy! And do check out the other gifts on oh_shit_santa, because they are pure GOLD. In fact, they're so good I'm still flailing in front of the comment boxes, lol.

anko :3

Fic Post: "Second Chances" [Naruto/Anko]

Before I forget! Wrote this for oh_shit_santa's Summer Fest! :3 There is a ton of awesome fic and art over there, many many fandoms represented, so go check it out! \o/

Title: “Second Chances”
Characters/Pairings: Naruto/Anko
Genre: Plot? What Plot?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Very brief mentions of plot! :O
Summary: Anko has a thing for younger men. Especially a hot eighteen year old with a backup energy source.

"Anko sizes him up the moment he enters the party."

Please enjoy!

virgin sacrifice! :O

Springtime Switcheroo


And there was fanart! Featuring one character each from five series: KHR, Naruto, One Piece, Oofuri, and Bakuman! \o/

Lately I've been having these strange crossover cravings, and one night I asked myself "What would a Multi-Fandom Cheer Squad look like?!" So I picked five awesome characters from my Top 5 favorite series, drew some portraits, put them together and voilà! ♥

Crazy fanart located over here at oh_shit_santa.

Worksafe pencil drawing conglomeration ahoy! ^_~ And a link to my gallery, should anyone want more.

*collapses into bed*

So much awesome in one place. *_____*

I'm a little late pimping this, heh, between overcoming the plague and packing for Hueco Mundo.

Nevertheless! GET THE TO oh_shit_santa!!!! Forthwith!

fahye wrote me the most incredible gift!!! Thank you again! It's Kabuto-centric, and everything I've ever wanted. *______* It's called The Anatomy of Need, and deserves so much praise for its brilliant writing and brilliant characterizations. Guuuuuuuh.
(Thank you myrafur SO MUCH for guiding her to Kabuto! And your tag is the awesomest, awesomest, for all time BEST TAG EVAR!!!)

There is too much at oh_shit_santa for me to list everything, but take my word--the fic and art is magnificent to the extreme, a true delight. <33333

My gift was for pettydreams -- love you so much, twinnie! <33333

Title: "Bite the Hand That Feeds"
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Pairing: SasuSai
Rating: R+
Warnings: Adult subject matter, mentions of dubious consent, some ickiness.

Nobody else sees what happens, which is expected of an organization like Root.

A big thank you to gilith_ramaloce and paperninja for filling in as Betas. <33333

Please enjoy!