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fahye wrote me the most incredible gift!!! Thank you again! It's Kabuto-centric, and everything I've ever wanted. *______* It's called The Anatomy of Need, and deserves so much praise for its brilliant writing and brilliant characterizations. Guuuuuuuh.
(Thank you myrafur SO MUCH for guiding her to Kabuto! And your tag is the awesomest, awesomest, for all time BEST TAG EVAR!!!)

There is too much at oh_shit_santa for me to list everything, but take my word--the fic and art is magnificent to the extreme, a true delight. <33333

My gift was for pettydreams -- love you so much, twinnie! <33333

Title: "Bite the Hand That Feeds"
Genre: Drama/Suspense
Pairing: SasuSai
Rating: R+
Warnings: Adult subject matter, mentions of dubious consent, some ickiness.

Nobody else sees what happens, which is expected of an organization like Root.

A big thank you to gilith_ramaloce and paperninja for filling in as Betas. <33333

Please enjoy!

writer's meme!

So she probably thought I forgot, but I was tagged by ronsard and so here be the meme! XDDDDD

I'm summarizing, but here are Mai's instructions: "Let's go back 365 days, and chronicle the last year's journey in 5 stories."

Everyone's Got Secrets (NaruSasu, IruKaka) It all began here. This is my first fanfic ever, and it's taught me more about writing than anything else. Sure, the dialogue in the early chapters makes me shudder today, but I'm going to leave it on the site intact as a reminder that I've made progress through all this obsessive Naruto research and hours typing at my computer. (One more detour and then I'll be finishing this baby up!)

Lie With Me (SasuSaku, ItaSaku) This is where I flexed some different muscles, delving into a significantly darker area to test myself. This is not a pretty piece, and yet I think there's hope at the end. I like Sakura. I think she's stronger than she gets credit for. Writing this wasn't... natural. But I feel stronger after writing this.

Sleepless (NaruGaa) I love this piece. I love the simplicity of the idea, and how it speaks volumes about the dynamic between these two characters. It's one of my shortest, and I think one of my best. I need to write more of this pairing.

Reconstruction (SasuNaruSai triangle) This was a real challenge, since I had some constraints set on the concept at the beginning that negated my original idea. But! I think in spite of that, this is one of my strongest pieces in terms of organization, plot, and storytelling. It's the first time I've written Sai before, and I think he's great in this. I also wrote this piece in about 15 days, which is crazy if you consider that it's ~25,000 words.

Tricks of the Trade (slight KabuSasu) .........I have a confession. Kabuto has always been my favorite character. SHOKKU! This is the first piece I've written, however, because even though I've had bunnies dating back pre-Secrets, I was much too afraid of butchering him to make a single attempt. So I feel that the existance of this first fic starring Kabuto represents a certain mark in my confidence and abilities as a writer, and of this I can be proud. ♥

Other stories that might have made the 5 fic cut are Genesis (Hokage's 1 & 2) which is my first Gen fic, and The Best Man (NaruSasu) my first AU setting, both of which have taught me many valuable lessons as I explore this wacky way of life.

And now I tag: phoenixdown7 thatreevesgirl crazy_toffee lellian nezumiko paperninja Because some of you I know very well, and some of you I'm still getting to know. But it's always fascinating to hear what other writers have learned in the last year and I want more good stuff to read! Tell me your stories!!! XD

24hour_themes Claim: Yakushi Kabuto

24 Themes for 24hour_themes
Focus is on wholeness of self and the banishing of any shadow.
Self-image and personal security.
Ridding partnerships or relationships of negativity.
Building relationships, encouraging understanding and love between people, sexual symmetry.
Determination, especially in matters that seem to hold you back.
Balancing matters of the body, mind and spirit.
Tricks of the Trade
Improved luck or victory over a specific set of deterring circumstances.
Harmony of elements, sticking to schedules.
Encouraging growth of the psychic self.
Insight to the self. Communicating with spiritual guides.
Tenacity and perseverance, especially with something you have been putting off.
Matters of safety, protection and completion.
Hope, improved insight and perspective.
Diversity, blending or healing of differences, gentle care towards others.
Personal change aimed toward the conscious mind.
Leadership, command and guidance.
Assistance for others, focusing on concrete matters.
Comprehension of universal truth.
Improving personal convictions and resolutions.
Improving the rational mind, sensibility and clear mindedness.
Energy directed toward transformations which may have seemed impossible.
Coping with drastic change in a positive manner.
Writer's Choice
Writer's Choice
Table coded by katsuko

The first of many Kabuto fics.

Community: 24hour_themes
Theme: [ 15:00 | 3PM ]
Title: "Tricks of the Trade"
Fandom: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Yakushi Kabuto
Category: Character
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied OroKabu, OroSasu, and KabuSasu, blood, general creepiness, set during the timeskip.
Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me.
Summary: Kabuto gets an unexpected visitor, Sasuke gets an unexpected lesson.

Collapse )

By the end of this exercise, I expect to have Kabuto's character down perfectly! :D Also a big thanks to pettydreams for her awesome job as Beta. ♥