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pr0n 4 breakfast  :B


Uwah, I'm a little behind, but surely I can catch up! :3 It's pr0ntober, and everyone is invited to participate! \o/

pr0ntober:     /prɔn • toʊ • bɜr/

» In which there is pr0n every day for 31 days. Or as long as you can keep it up, hurr hurr.

Hallelujah! Bring it on!

Kicking it off with two drabbles in one post. Woo! Dedicated to na_no_nai! ♥

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Feel free to offer prompts as I will likely need them, lol. ^_____^

Summer Drabble Batch .02

Woo! Second drabble batch complete. Strangely, there is a lot of my OTP here, but please don't hold it against me. ^__~

» "212 Degrees" [KHR -- Xanxus/Squalo // R]

"There are things about Xanxus which are taken for granted."

» "Simple Gifts" [Naruto -- Minato/Kushina // PG13]

"Kushina thinks sometimes they make a funny pair--her cooking is abysmal, while Minato takes to the domestic aspects of their new life together with a little too much competency. "

» "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Man In Denial" [KHR -- Yamamoto/Hibari // R]

"Hibari tightens his grip, having pinned Yamamoto to the floor in a particularly painful Judo hold, the one he reserves for opponents with long legs."

» "Get Your Coffee Hot" [Naruto -- Asuma/Shikamaru // PG]

"Asuma takes the job at a fastfood pit-stop running the graveyard shift so he can smoke while working the hot grill, ashing right on the floor."

» "Red Light Green Light" [KHR -- Hibari/Yamamoto // NC17]

"All it takes is one saucy look to get things started."

» "All Is Calm, All Is Bright" [KHR -- Yamamoto/Hibari // R] Short side-story to "No Matter How Far Away We Roam".

"Hibari hates the Mist more than anything."

Please enjoy!

let there be fanfic! :D

Summer Drabble Batch .01

June was a drabble-friendly month! Or I should say frenzy, haha. Sharing the first batch here, with a second batch to come shortly. (Crossover fics from this meme post also to come. :D)

» "Unblemished" [Naruto -- Kakashi, Neji, Genma // Gen]

"Surely it makes more sense to move under cover of darkness."

» "Someday We'll Get This Right" [KHR -- Chrome, M.M. // Gen]

"The first time Chrome lays eyes on M.M., it is at a time when they still wear school uniforms and the blush of youth on their cheeks..."

» "Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun" [Naruto -- Kotetsu/Anko/Izumo // R]

"The thing with Anko is that she hogs the middle, and not just the middle of the bed."

» "Aesthetics and the Art of Manhood" [History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi -- Akisame, Sakaki // Gen]

"It’s no secret that Sakaki Shio likes to drink."

» "Splurge" [Bleach -- Ishida/Renji // PG]

"Ishida didn’t mean to start anything, really, only that once he’d noticed how the tattoos on Renji’s forehead fit so perfectly into such a bizarre hairline it sort of took over his mind..."

» "Five Times Naruto Chose Sasuke Over Sakura" [Naruto -- NaruSasu // PG]
Note: Contains no Sakura-bashing.

"Sakura’s eyes are bright and open, inviting someone lucky to get lost in their jade depths and find the treasures of her soul."

Please enjoy!