erisabesu (erisabesu) wrote,

Summer Drabble Batch .02

Woo! Second drabble batch complete. Strangely, there is a lot of my OTP here, but please don't hold it against me. ^__~

» "212 Degrees" [KHR -- Xanxus/Squalo // R]

"There are things about Xanxus which are taken for granted."

» "Simple Gifts" [Naruto -- Minato/Kushina // PG13]

"Kushina thinks sometimes they make a funny pair--her cooking is abysmal, while Minato takes to the domestic aspects of their new life together with a little too much competency. "

» "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Man In Denial" [KHR -- Yamamoto/Hibari // R]

"Hibari tightens his grip, having pinned Yamamoto to the floor in a particularly painful Judo hold, the one he reserves for opponents with long legs."

» "Get Your Coffee Hot" [Naruto -- Asuma/Shikamaru // PG]

"Asuma takes the job at a fastfood pit-stop running the graveyard shift so he can smoke while working the hot grill, ashing right on the floor."

» "Red Light Green Light" [KHR -- Hibari/Yamamoto // NC17]

"All it takes is one saucy look to get things started."

» "All Is Calm, All Is Bright" [KHR -- Yamamoto/Hibari // R] Short side-story to "No Matter How Far Away We Roam".

"Hibari hates the Mist more than anything."

Please enjoy!

Tags: drabbles, erisabesu: fic, khr, naruto, writing

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