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New fiction blog!

Hi there! It's been a long time. :) How is everyone??

I finished grad school and I'm now a gainfully employed librarian - woo! In the spirit of getting my life back on track, I created a new blog to hold all my fanfiction. Not only did I really want to get my work back online, I also wanted to have a place to put new stuff too, so I think this is a good solution.

Anyways, here is the link: http://erisabesufic.wordpress.com/

Hope you all are well!

~ e

"Fight Like A Girl" Anthology -- check it out!

Hi all! Wow, I can't believe how quickly time flies. It has been a long time since my last post, so a longer update is in order and will be coming shortly.

For now I wanted to share with you the Anthology project that fireun and muffins_of_god are putting together. It is called "Fight Like A Girl" and will contain original short stories in the fantasy genre by many talented writers. I am so excited to be one of the contributors! And so I am promoting the project here. :)

The Anthology is being funded through Kickstarter, and the link is here: Fight Like A Girl

$15 gets you the anthology. That's 20 stories worth of kick-ass fantasy! Organized, produced, and distributed by authors. Sounds cool, right?

I am also pleased to be part of the last stretch goal! If we can get to $12,300 I will be sharing a second story about girls fighting zombies. We are very close! Four days left!

We are very excited about this project and would love to have your support! Thank you for reading my excited ramblings! ;D
khr 33 fight-o! :D


It has been forever since my last post. o__o I took a part time job this semester on top of my full time job and graduate school courses, and while I'm making it work for now I also feel insane and tired most of the time and I'm considering loads of other options for when the semester's over.

My writing website is back up! I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with uploading content to my new host. :) A few things still need to be adjusted, but for the most part it's up and running and everything looks okay.

My kittens are doing great! They are the happiest part of my life right now. ♥ Shinobu, my girly, watches my every move and gets jealous whenever I'm at the computer, lol. Raizou loves to be carried everywhere, and is so calm in my arms or perched on my shoulders. Mittsu is my lap kitten who cuddles every chance he gets, and sleeps every night between my feet.
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Graduate school is still going well, despite my crazy schedule. I'm attending a state conference in a few weeks and a national conference in June. The student registration fees are super cheap, so I'm trying to get as many conferences in while I can. I did not get the internship I applied for, sadly, but I'm hopeful about the scholarships I've applied for and I think I'll find out next week whether I was chosen or not.

I miss my awesome LJ friends! I'm a few weeks behind on manga chapters but I'm trying my best to keep as current as possible. :) What are you all reading/watching right now that has really got you fired up?

Have a great day!
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blips and scramblings

01. My writing website is temporarily down while I learn how to use my new hosting service and upload content. I'm working on it a little bit every day, so the site should be back up very soon! *crosses fingers and toes*

02. Grad school is a LOT of reading so far. A LOT. The hardest part so far has been figuring out how to manage all my schoolwork while also working full time--it has been pretty exhausting! The funnest part has been getting school supplies to organize all my printouts and stuff. Whee! :3

03. I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with favorite manga series. Enjoying the war in Naruto more than I thought I would. I'm anticipating good things coming down the pike. Also getting really excited about the latest arc in Hitman Reborn! I have aaaaaaaalways wanted to know more about CEDEF, and Iemitsu, so I hope we get to meet the rest of the spicy subordinates very soon. 8D

04. My kittens have become cats, I just have to accept this, lol. ^^ I have a dog crate cushion/bed on my desk that leaves me very little room for studying, but lets the three of them sleep in a pile together. Will post a picture next chance I get. ♥

05. That is all! Hope everyone is doing super well!
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"We love the things we love for what they are." -- Robert Frost

My Beloved Nini
11/30/98 -- 10/04/10

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal
Love leaves a memory no one can steal."


Grief is an individual thing, and for me what is helping the most right now is gathering up photos for a memory album. I've put a few pictures of Nini and her sister Ming here under the cut as a small tribute.

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I will reply to comments as soon as I can properly pull myself together. Hope all of you are well. ♥
pr0n 4 breakfast  :B


Uwah, I'm a little behind, but surely I can catch up! :3 It's pr0ntober, and everyone is invited to participate! \o/

pr0ntober:     /prɔn • toʊ • bɜr/

» In which there is pr0n every day for 31 days. Or as long as you can keep it up, hurr hurr.

Hallelujah! Bring it on!

Kicking it off with two drabbles in one post. Woo! Dedicated to na_no_nai! ♥

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Feel free to offer prompts as I will likely need them, lol. ^_____^

Summer Drabble Batch .02

Woo! Second drabble batch complete. Strangely, there is a lot of my OTP here, but please don't hold it against me. ^__~

» "212 Degrees" [KHR -- Xanxus/Squalo // R]

"There are things about Xanxus which are taken for granted."

» "Simple Gifts" [Naruto -- Minato/Kushina // PG13]

"Kushina thinks sometimes they make a funny pair--her cooking is abysmal, while Minato takes to the domestic aspects of their new life together with a little too much competency. "

» "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Man In Denial" [KHR -- Yamamoto/Hibari // R]

"Hibari tightens his grip, having pinned Yamamoto to the floor in a particularly painful Judo hold, the one he reserves for opponents with long legs."

» "Get Your Coffee Hot" [Naruto -- Asuma/Shikamaru // PG]

"Asuma takes the job at a fastfood pit-stop running the graveyard shift so he can smoke while working the hot grill, ashing right on the floor."

» "Red Light Green Light" [KHR -- Hibari/Yamamoto // NC17]

"All it takes is one saucy look to get things started."

» "All Is Calm, All Is Bright" [KHR -- Yamamoto/Hibari // R] Short side-story to "No Matter How Far Away We Roam".

"Hibari hates the Mist more than anything."

Please enjoy!

kenichi animated :3

Crack!fic Collab Post: "Put Your Right Foot In"

Title: "Put Your Right Foot In"
Author: erisabesu , roflolmaomg , gilith_ramaloce
Fandom: History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Characters: Takeda, Tanimoto, Kenichi
Genre: Crack/Humor
Summary: "...We will never speak of this again."

Note: The image that spawned this round-robin of insanity is this one Collapse )

And just for the hell of it, here's Collapse )

Please excuse any errors or inconsistencies, lol, as we were up very late and high on junk food while writing this. XD Without further ado, please enjoy. ♥

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